Utopia Summer School

filmArche Berlin: 24.08. – 07.09.2019


Breathing Images

Join us and experience two intense weeks of creative workshops, events and film screenings with people from around the world. Work on your own projects and ideas or share your thoughts and visions with other inspiring filmmakers – relating your creative and political endeavours to what moves you individually and us as a collective.

How can we tell stories that contribute to the re-imagining of this world? Over the course of centuries the dominant story of eurocentric modernity has overrun the multitude of different models of co-existing on earth and has programmed us to think and even feel in limited ways. How can we break free from these paradigms based on rational thought and technology driven development?

The relatively new craft of filmmaking seemed to open up endless possibilities of creating alternative narratives – and yet the same people seem to be telling the same old stories. We want to breathe back life into the images we produce and link filmmaking to our struggle for a world in which all people and beings can thrive!

The Utopia Summer School will take place at filmArche Berlin:
Lahnstraße 25, 12055 Berlin | The program will start at 10:00 am and end at 18:00 or 22:00 pm

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A joint project by filmArche and Draufsicht Berlin

filmArche is the largest self-organized film school in Europe. Students are trained here on their own initiative in the areas of editing, production, camera, script, direction, and documentation. The resulting films – more than 50 per year – are screened at film festivals all over the world.

Draufsicht Berlin is a young and international film team that produces critical films on topics such as sustainability, gender, racism, and inequality – looking for local answers to global questions. Draufsicht is a project of SODI e.V., a party-politically independent and non-profit organization in Germany.